Candace Terry REALTOR®

256 476-2332

Dean's List Realty, LLC

2050 Beltline Road SW Ste 5 Decatur, AL 35601

Candace has a huge passion for looking at uniques homes which guided her to make it a part of her daily life.  She is disciplined, has a strong work ethic & perseveres through tough situations.  Her biggest accomplishment (in her words) was becoming a REALTOR® while only 19 years old. Even though she is new to the business, Candace is hungry to help sellers list thier property or assist buyers in finding their perfect dream home.  Her purpose is to help others find the "Home" feeling by helping guide buyers in creating a vision for their future & making the entire process as easy & seamless as possible for buyers & sellers.  Desiring to help inform buyers & assist sellers as they make life changes.  Candace is also studying Architectural Design Technology to further increase her knowledge of Houses.